Android UVC camera and other video streaming support

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We are targeting to integrate our external UVC camera into ZOOM, but found compatible issue on many Android phones.
Currently, we saw Zoom can enumerate/connect UVC camera (Logitech 720p UVC camera) on Samsung S8, but rather than on Huawei P10, Mate10…

As we tested, there are many Android phones support USB OTG, but UVC. For supporting external camera devices on general Android phone w/ OTG, does Zoom consider below requirements?

  1. open camera video frame interface for non-system cameras, such as taking 720p/480p YUV frames from this interface for video call. This should be better way for support universal external cameras and other video streaming on Zoom system.
  2. Fulfill the UVC camera support in android ecosystem, even w/o native UVC class support. As we know, you may enable general UVC cameras support by libusb ( which can get rid of the limitation of native UVC.

Please let me know your opinion. Appreciate


Dear Zoom,

Any updates?

Hi huanghai,

Thanks for using our SDK. Yes, there are some compatibility issues due to the UVC library version that we are using. I have reported this compatible issue that you have mentioned to our engineers. We will start investigating this and hopefully we will have this issue fixed in our future releases. Please follow our Github repo and get updated. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Carson,

Appreciate. Could you please advise an ETA about this capability issue fixing? Thanks.


Kurt(Hai) Huang

Mobile: +86-13520005050

Hi Hai,

I would like to provide an ETA to you if it is possible but unfortunately I don’t have one at this point. I can ensure this issue is on our to-do list. If I have any updates, I can keep you updated here. You can also follow(watch) our github repo for any updates.


Hi Carson,

Appreciate for your feedback. I monitor the updates on, but no relates in these weeks. As this feature is so critical for our project, we are really expect to resolve it ASAP.

Sorry for bothering you and thanks.


Hi Kurt,

Thank you very much for your response. Really appreciate it. I understand this feature is really important to you and I personally really want to provide a solution. Unfortunately, our engineers are still working on this and changing the library will affect a lot of our products, not only SDK. I can ensure that this issue is on the engineer’s to-do list but I don’t know the estimated resolved date. I would recommend trying some workaround for now and I will let you know once I have any updates.

Would appreciate your understanding. Thanks.

Hi Carson,

Really appreciate for your understanding. Anxiously expect on your updates.

Thank you.

Hello @huanghai @carson.zoom,

We are trying to use a 3rd party camera (Samsung Gear 360), by using “example” app but the switchToNextCamera method only switch between integrated cameras. Does it related with your issue?

The Gear 360 connects via bluetooth and then use Wifi-Direct.

Appreciate your opinions.

Any updates on this. Would love to use the gear 360 as a boardroom camera with zoom.

Anyone got this working?

Hi ioteech,

Thank you for interested in using Zoom SDK. We are still investigating and working on this. Since updating the library will affect many of our products and services, it would take some time to finally get there. Please follow our Github repo for any updates. I will also keep monitoring the updates on this issue.


Any updates on this ? Is there any plan to implement UVC support, or more generally a custom frame capturer?

Or is it still limited to integrated device cameras?

Thank you.

Hi @WMA,

We do not have any updates on this yet. Please be sure to check out our release notes for any new features in future releases.


Any news on this issue ? Can UVC cameras be used with Zoom SDK for Android?

It seems like you received a message regarding compatibility issues with an SDK due to the UVC library version being used. The sender mentions that they have reported the issue to their engineers and are planning to investigate and fix it in future releases. They recommend following their GitHub repository for updates and invite you to reach out if you have any other questions.

If you have specific concerns or questions about the SDK, you might want to check the GitHub repository mentioned for updates and further communication from the SDK provider. If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like assistance with, feel free to let me know!

I understand that once that option was available, the question, what about recent release, does it support the use of UVC camera’s, in Android ?