Android ZoomSDK Webinar view controls not visible

After user join the Webinar Ui controls(Mute/Leave/ comments/ reactions ets.) disappear in a coupe of seconds.

Looks like a surface issue:
Console log:
[…/com.zipow.videobox.conference.ui.ZmConfActivity#1] disconnect: not connected (req=1)
[SurfaceTexture-0-10993-2] disconnect: not connected (req=1)
win=Window{…/com.zipow.videobox.conference.ui.ZmConfActivity EXITING} destroySurfaces: appStopped=false win.mWindowRemovalAllowed=true win.mRemoveOnExit=true

Android Zoom SDK

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join Webinar

  2. Wait some seconds

Actual: Controls disappeared
Expected: Controls appear again on tap screen


  • Device: HUAWEI EML-L29
  • OS:Android 8.1.0

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