QA UI not available for webinar attendee on Android SDK

When trying to display the QA screen as an webinar attendee, method “mInMeetingService.getInMeetingQAController().isQAEnabled()” always returns false for an attendee role, even if the QA is enabled on that webinar. For all other roles it works properly.

Moreover, if we try to skip this condition above and force display the QA screen, method “mInMeetingService.showZoomQAUI( MyMeetingActivity.this, REQUEST_SHOW_QA )” does nothing.

It happens on all latest versions of the zoom sdk, so the version 5.0.23333.0616 released 1 July 2020 has this issue.

Can we expect this to be fixed on future releases? On iOS sdk works well

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Hi @daniel3,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. We are able to identify an issue and we will fix this in the next release.