Another Deeplink question - directly open call/chat with another user

Another “deep link” question, but one that hasn’t been answered before.

We are developing a browser-based web application. That application enables the user to populate a profile, including having a “call me”, “message me” and “schedule a meeting” buttons.

We have integrated with MS Teams, so that if the person is connected with their Microsoft account, then their “call me” button opens MS Teams application and starts a call with that user. Message me opens a chat with that user, and schedule a meeting opens Outlook calendar with that user’s Microsoft email pre-populated in the “To” field. We have achieved that by using the following MS Graph API deep links:

  • Call:<user1>,<user2>
  • Chat:<user1>,<user2>,...&topicName=<chat name>&message=<precanned text>
  • Schedule a meeting:<meeting subject>&startTime=<date>&endTime=<date>&content=<content>&attendees=<user1>,<user2>,<user3>,...

Now we want to implement a Zoom integration. However, I couldn’t find Zoom deep links that would directly open a chat/call/calendar with a given contact. I am happy with the fact that the zoommtg protocol opens Zoom application all right, but what do I pass to that protocol to make the above happen?

The Web SDK will allow you to start or join a meeting directly from your website but it doesn’t integrate with Team Chat or initiate Zoom Phone calls just yet.

With that being said, you would want to create the API endpoints and routes so that your application can start a meeting with the given information. You can use the Sample Web App as a starting point for this.

When it comes to URI schemes for Zoom Phone calls please see our document here:

It doesn’t look like we have a method to deeplink to a specific chat or channel at this moment with any of the URI Schemes that we offer. I think this would be valuable and will check with our team to see if this can be added.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I checked with our team and it looks like we do have plans to expand our deeplink functionality in the future. You can stay up-to-date by subscribing to our developer newsletter:

I hope that helps!

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