Zoom Deep Link to user profile or call



We are developing an mobile app (developed using Microsoft .Net Xamarin) for our client which uses Zoom Enterprise. This mobile app contains an employee section where user can search employee and view their profile. From this view there are required the following flows if possible:

  1. Tap to call - which would launch Zoom app (if installed) and directly call that person using zoom phone. Zoom Phone is activated for all employees within the organization. Every employee has an extension assigned which is also the zoom (phone) extension.
    This would normally use the deep link “zoomphonecall://{employee_extension_number}”, but during initial testing of the feature, zoom app crashes 70-80% of the times when opened using this deep link.

  2. Tap to go directly to user profile page in zoom application. Is it possible to have a deep link that opens zoom app and shows the profile page of a user (that is within the organization)

possibly 3) Tap to open chat. Is it possible to have a deep link that opens zoom app and directly goes to chat with a person.

We are interested in using deep links, on iOS and Android platforms. We dont want to use Zoom SDK.
The use case is that we are building the deep link on the back-end service and the client mobile app is only accessing/opening that deep link.

The consideration is that the user has zoom app installed and logged in with the enterprise account. All flows from above are for zoom accounts from the same organisation.

Thank you

Hey @radu.flonta,

You can see the available URL schemes we have here:

If the Zoom app is crashing when using the available deep links, please provide steps to reproduce the issue.

If you would like to have additional deep links, you can request them as feature requests here: #feature-requests.