Allow only specific email addresses(accounts) to join a meet

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The students keep sharing the join link to the school classes to other friends who haven’t paid the fees, even after telling them repeatedly not to.
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we want to restrict the meeting to be attended by only specific set of people(accounts) to make it sure that there aren’t any disturbances.
We have the list of emails as comma separated values and they don’t belong to the same domain( some are gmail, yahoo etc).
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We would like to restrict the users or assign the meeting to this set of users alone. which we can store as a group of users and can select that when creating a new meeting(support in api as well)
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We can’t have registration for meeting, since our timing changes a lot and having recurring meetings with that is very frustrating for students to register everytime. and It’s impossible to call api and register every user if we are using any of the sdk platforms,
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