Anybody Popping a Custom Visualforce Page from OpenCTI?

Looking for general information that we cannot find in the documentation, like "How do I pass the AccountID or ContactID (based on the ANI of the caller)? Docs indicate it can be done, but what are the variables called that I can grab that data and pass it to the custom VF page?

Sorry, I know this is a very rookie question.

Hey @kblue
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I do not understand your question, could you please elaborate further?

Hi Elisa,

We are looking to extend the Zoom OpenCTI integration and pop a custom VisualForce page instead of the details page when a call comes in. We are having difficulty finding any specifics on how to reference the call object - there is a reference to passing the Account or Contact ID via the URL, but no specifics or sample code to explain how to do that.

Hi @kblue
Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the late reply (I was out for some days)
I believe we do not have any sample code available to explain how to pass account ID or contact ID via URL
Are you referring to the join URL?

@kblue Just wondering if you were able to get anywhere with this?

I’m running into some issues with multiple-matching records and thinking redirecting to a custom Visualforce page might be the way to go. Zoom is somehow passing phone number to Open CTI but I can’t seem to find anything about what parameters are available.

Could you please point us to the sample code?

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hi @vheragu
I do not think we currently have a sample app available