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I am developing a solution to feed a database using ZOOM API. If I can collect all past meetings for a specific day with no problem using the “List Meeting” API in the Dashboard category. I am challenged by the capacity limits (2000 queries a day and no more than one query per second) when I want to collect the “List Meeting Participants” data. We have more than 50k meetings a day so I need to call this API 50k times a day and more frequently than every second. Is it possible to change those capacity limits?

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Hey @christophe.bayle, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I would suggest to use our Meeting Participant Joined Webhook to get this data.

Every time a participant joins a meeting, a payload will be sent to your server, and then you can insert that data your database. That way you won’t be calling the API 50K times, and you get the data on the fly / in real time.

Let me know if this solution works for you!


Thank you, Tommy,

It could partially be a solution. If the API you redirected me proposes some of the information I need, a lot is missing. List Meeting participants is richer and provides great information I need for my analytics such as ip address to know the location from where the session connected the internet. There is also device, network type, microphone, speaker, share_application, share_desktop and so on.

I would love to collect all that you propose via the dashboard. The dashboard is for support but not for analytics purposes.For example, we would like to break down data by dimension we own such as Line of Business.

I hope I am clear and not too demanding! :wink:

I love the possibility to retrieve data very fast (almost real-time).

Hey @christophe.bayle, happy to help!

Thanks for sharing your use case, yes the Meeting Participant Joined Webhook does not have all the qos / detail info.

Let me get back to you on a solution.


Hey @christophe.bayle,

We have a data streaming webhook that will allow you to get the data you need automatically.

I will connect you with the team for a free trail so you can test it out. :slight_smile: