Api Endpoint for Meeting Duration, Recordings and more

What End Point will I use if I want to get the following data from meetings:

  1. Meeting Duration - How long was the meeting
  2. Recording Link - Link to cloud recording
  3. Camera Usage - If camera was turn on

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Is there also one endpoint that could provide me all this information or would I have to write out each endpoint specifically for each user?

Perhaps if I use a grouping?

I am looking for an End Point like this /meetings/{meetingId}

But I wouldnt know the MeetingID

I would like to get all meetings based on a user or a grouping and hope to have the following information

  1. Duration
  2. Recording
  3. Camera Usage


Hey @atzikas,

You can use the Meeting dashboard or reports endpoints:

You can use the recording endpoints:

We do not have an API for this. Feel free to create a feature request here: #feature-requests


Hi @Tommy

The endpoint /report/meetings/{meetingId} or /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings is not a viable solution for me since I cannot automate this in the backend.

I am looking for something like this but instead of it being Meeting Specific it would be user or group specific.

FYI @erin.zielenski

Hey @atzikas,

We do also have user based recording and meeting endpoints: