Add to Zoom Dashboards - List meetings

In the ‘, is it possible to add to each of the meetings object, in the meeting list of ‘metrics/meetings’, the following properties:

  • Co-Host: true or false, depending whether or not the meeting had a co-host.
  • Alternative-Host: true or false, depending whether or not the meeting had an alternative-host.
  • Cloud recording: If the meeting was recorded and its recording was stored in the cloud.
  • Streaming: If the meeting had a live streaming.

I’ve seen some of those properties in different endpoints. However, they are relevant like any of the other properties that are included in this API-endpoint, and getting them from different endpoints may sometimes cause error, as I can get this data per meetingId (in other words for every meeting) and it increases complexity of the number of requests needed and data handling, which cause rate limit problems.

In addition, I know that there exists a feature of has_recording, but this just signifies whether it was recorded and i’m looking to understand as well whether it was recorded and stored in the cloud for this is considered a paid event whilst recording and storing it locally is not.

It is important for us that it’d be added to this API endpoint since to understand the way the users use their zoom capabilities and again, we see them as relevant as any of the other properties in this endpoint and there doesn’t exist any other endpoint for this that might be suitable because we need the existing data in this endpoint, we need to be able to query all meeting of our account in one request.

Thank you in advance,