API for fitness app

Hello, I want to use the API in my fitness app to do the following use cases and would like to know if And how this is possible With Zoom API.

Our app allows multiple 3rd party fitness instructors to advertise their virtual (over Zoom) fitness classes for sale. Each instructor uses their own personal Zoom account and is the host.

Can we:

  1. Allow a user (that is signed in to our app) of our app to purchase a class for $10 let’s say. Once they purchase the class we would reveal the link to the zoom meeting room to view the class.

  2. when the user purchases the class on our app they are added to the Zoom meeting as a registered user.

  3. when they tap the link from our app it authenticates them as a registered user so that they can access the zoom meeting

  4. the zoom meeting would open in the native zoom client they would download.

  5. if a person has the link to the meeting but did not purchase it they would not be allowed into the meeting.

  6. if a person did purchase the class but is not signed in to our app, they would have to sign in first to our app to view.

Essentially is there a way to authenticate access to a Zoom meeting using only our app log in And account credentials.

Thank you

Hey @susan,

Yes, but you will have to handle the payments through Stripe or some other payments platform.

You can use the Add Registrant API to authorize the user to join the meeting, or handle this custom and only give out the meeting ID and password to the respective people who have paid.

See answer above.

Just have them click the start_url if instructor or join_url if participant and it will work!

You can handle this via meeting registration, and turning on the setting to not allowing users to join the meeting from multiple devices.

If they have the Zoom join link they will be able to join the meeting, but you should only show the join link as a button in your app so users cannot share it.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: