[API][Get/Update User Settings]_It seems that the waiting_room setting is duplicated

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The waiting_room (Boolean) setting is found in both “User Settings” and “Meeting/Webinar Security Settings” but when I retrieve the user settings, the name-value of the waiting room is only one returned.

It seems the waiting_room only needs set one place is good enough in the same API. are there any reasons that two waitng_room parameters are put in the Get User Settings / Update User Settings APIs?

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In the “User settings” category:

In the “Meeting/Webinar Security Settings” category:

It looks like there are two methods where you can pass the waiting_room parameter. The original method is as part of the Update User Settings API object.

Another method, which is more recent, is by sending a meeting_security object that includes the waiting_room parameter.

Either method should work to change the waiting room setting.

I hope that helps!