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I have built and registered an application that uses the Zoom API. Recently updated the API and the SDK to take advantage of the new features. I have since run into so many issues.

Maybe these are new issues.

  • The Gallery View button is not working. The view is defaulted to gallery view and can not be changed while in the Zoom session.

  • The right side participants window will not close once opened

  • The Zoom session will not work on an iPad with a Firefox or Safari browser. I can see the presenter but there is no audio or video in the session. The error message I get is “Your Browser is not supported” .

App Type = JWT

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Hey @developers1,

Thanks for reaching out! I’d be more than happy to help you. For the most part, I am not seeing these issues with the sample-web-app, so it may be related to how the SDK is implemented in your app.

Do you see this issue with the sample-web-app, when I tested this issue I did not get the same results. Also, what web browser are you using when you see this issue ?

This is likely related to custom CSS or how the web-sdk is implemented in your app. Similar to the previous point above, try testing this again with the sample-web-app.

Here is a helpful resource of the browsers our SDK support for your reference. As you can see, there is limited support when it comes to IOS browsers. This is something we plan to improve in the future, however currently this limitation is due to missing APIs on IOS.

I hope this helps, this question seem better suited for our #client-web-sdk so I will go ahead and send it over there. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Donte: We are way past Sample-web-app this app has been in prod since July 2020. It may be the SDK as you mentioned but we recently updated the SDK to address another set of issues. The right side participants window is in your API we control the container window the Zoom interface is deployed to but not the Zoom components like the participants and chat windows.
Need more help here.

Hello @developers1 I see that you have another forum post open with similar questions, please follow up in one of the two threads and close the one you no loner need. This will help keep information in the forum focused in one location.

Kind Regards,

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