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I integrated Zoom SDK version 2.4.0 into my application, few options not working during the meeting. The gallery view is not working and the chat and participant close menus are also not clickable. Mostly all the close pop-up buttons are not working, can you help me out on it, whether this is an issue from the zoom side or integration issue, if its an integration issue kindly help us to fix this. We enabled the shared array buffer option, but some time view option working sometimes does not work.

@ithelp, Please upgrade to the latest version (2.9.5).

Please watch here all the WebSDK Integrations

  • Zoom Meeting SDK Integration with VueJS
  • Zoom Meeting SDK Integration with ReactJS
  • Zoom Meeting SDK Integration with AngularJS

Here is how to fix Zoom WebSDK Gallery View :point_down:

Quick Fix with Service Worker Trick.
WebSDK Gallery View Fix By Modifying Server Response Headers.

If still an issue then reply here. Thanks

Hey, I already added those things but still it’s not working

Do you have upgraded the version and integrated/fixed it as I have done in the session?

I’m using the 2.4.0 version, it will work only on updated version

Do you have any specific requirements to keep with 2.4.0?

No specific reason, at that time that I used that version

Then please upgrade and follow in the above share sessions. If still any query share. Thanks

Hey hi, updated to the latest version ( 2.9.5). Gallery view is coming but it’s not clickable.

Please follow here :point_up_2:

Any verify regarding CSS point_events

  pointer-events: all;

@ithelp Other button clicks working fine?

Nope, the close pop-up buttons are not working, other than that everything is working.

I will check and let you know.

Hey hi, we added the headers, even though it’s not working.

@ithelp Headers are only for to crossOriginIsolation to enable SharedArrayBuffer API.

Your query regarding the moue click being disabled is resolved?

Both issues are not resolved.

I’m facing both crossOriginIsolation and mouse click disabled issue

Hey, I have one doubt regarding technology, I integrated zoom SDK in ReactJs it’s working, but while am integrating into Next Js only am facing the above issues.


Not yet got my answer, can you look at my query and give me some solution?

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