API List Panelist returns empty list for webinar which is incorrect

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Call to API List Panelist (/webinars/{ID}/panelists) returns empty list for webinar although there are 3 panelists (verified through the portal dashboard).


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Call the above endpoint.

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“total_records”: 0,

Additional context
Found same issue here List Panelists API call returns empty response instead of the panelist object so I tried to use webinar UUID, but the API rejected the call with wrong data type as it expects an Integer.

Hi @johnli1357,

Thanks for raising this—it appears to be a bug. I’ve shared this with our Engineering team and we will work on fixing this. I will follow up with you here shortly (ZOOM-309025).


Thank you very much, Will!

Hi @johnli1357,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this. In checking with our Engineering team, this actually appears to be expected behavior due to how the panelists were added to the webinar.

In this instance, each of the panelists joined the webinar as attendees, and then were promoted to panelists in the webinar.

To clarify, this API will only return panelists who were added via API or web ahead of the webinar.

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you have questions about this.


Thank you very much for the explanation.

Since the portal is able to identify the panelist, is there any way to get the same information from API?


If the panelists were added before the webinar took place (either from the web portal or via API), they should be accessible via this API.

But to clarify, there’s not an API currently to retrieve panelists that were promoted in-meeting—though it’s a great suggestion to add this capability. I might recommend suggesting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests



Appreciated your response and will request this feature.


Thanks, @johnli1357 :slight_smile: