Getting participants returns zero

We’re trying to get the attenders of a meeting using

There were people at this meeting, but the API call tells us there were none.

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JWT in header

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If we look on your website for our attendance information, we can see people there, but not with this API call.


Just to confirm that we also are intermittently hitting this issue. We have webinars, not meetings, but probably the issue is the same.

It seems that there is some delay until event attendees appear in the API responses. We have automated reports generated 2 hours after the event ends and so far that have been sufficient to have the APIs return the correct attendees, Q&A and polls data.
However, yesterday we have several webinars for which the actual participants API call returns empty list 2 hours after the webinar end. Checking the API now (approximately 24 hours later), the API response now includes all the attendees.

Could someone from Zoom confirm the root cause behind this behavior? Is it a temporary delay issue or it is expected that API for reporting actual event participants can return empty list 2 hours after the event (webinar or meeting) ends?

Hi @tim2 @v.hristov,

Are you still seeing this issue? There was an incident with some of our reporting APIs on the 26th, which has since been resolved.

In regards to a delay, these reports should be available shortly after the end of the meeting/webinar (less than 2 hours). Let me know if you’re still seeing delays or issues with this, and if you are, can you provide some example Meeting IDs and let me know what the delay was, and when you experienced it?


It’s working now again, thanks.

Tim Koop

Thanks, @will.zoom

By coincidence, we haven’t had events in the last couple of days, so I cannot confirm from our end yet, but we will monitor if this issue comes up again and will let you know.

Also thanks for confirming that 2 hours should be more than enough for the reports to be available.

Hey @v.hristov @tim2,

Thank you for confirming. Let us know if you encounter any issues.


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