API not working for specific attribute

I have been utilizing the API for quite some time very successfully.
I recently added a couple of attributes to work with my scripts (which again, is working for at least of 30 other configurations)
for some reasons, these couple of attributes are not working via API


I try to PATCH them -d ‘{“security”: {“sign_again_period_for_inactivity_on_web”: 15}}’
and it doesnt seems to work

I am using /accounts/me/settings endpoint

again, other stuff such as password, or hide billing info is working well.

Happy holidays

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Hey @jony,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please make sure that those settings are enabled at the account-level before changing them via the API. You can find those settings on the Security Page of your portal.


I hope that helps!


Thank you for contacting

nope, unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Hi @jony,

Thanks for giving that a try. I’ve since been in contact with your colleague via email and our Engineering team is looking into this for you. (ZOOM-231260)


Hi Will,

Thank you!

Stay safe

No problem, @jony! We’ve identified a bug and I will follow up via email as soon as this is addressed. (ZOOM-231260)


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