API Partner Plan

What is the cost of the Zoom API Partner account, and What are the Special Features or Benefit of that Account.

Suggest the best plan we should go within the following condition

  1. 100 clients each having 20-30 Users, for each client there can be 1 or more concurrent meetings.
  2. For some clients, there are more than 300-400 Users need to Attend Meeting
  3. How can we replace Powered by Zoom watermark with a custom company logo in the Meeting UI?

There are some misunderstandings about users please help us to be clear.

  1. Can any user start Meeting in Business or Pro or Enterprise plan?
  2. If we create a user from SDK via API will those users be able to access Zoom services in the web or Zoom app itself?
  3. Schedule a Meeting - is it possible to schedule a future meeting using any iOS SDK function or API?

Please help us adding iOS SDK in our existing iOS App, We are getting many issues when we add sample code in our existing iOS app, mostly the ARC related and some are library-related, we are looking forward to add zoom in our iOS App, Please consider our request at the earliest possible.

Our iOS App runs on ios 11 + version and we are using Xcode 11.2.1.

Screen Share

  1. Screen share framework is giving errors while we try uploading app to Appstore
  2. No working demo of Screen share is available right now, which we can download and test.
  3. Please help us implementing screen share feature in our iOS app

Hey @Anand_Vyass,

Here is info and pricing for the API Partner Plan: https://sites.google.com/zoom.us/isv/partners

Checkout the Create custCreate user to dynamically create and manage hosts for meetings.

Please reach out to isv@zoom.us for this question. I believe if you are on the API Partner Plan, you can remove the logo.

Yes, any zoom user can be the host and start a meeting they create or that was created for them (via API).

Please be more specific.

Using Create Meeting API: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/meetings/meetingcreate

Please create a post in #mobile-sdk:ios to get support on these issues.


Thanks Tommy Gaessler,

We have an existing iOS application, which requires Video and Audio calling functionality to be implemented within.

We are looking for is a plan in which our requirements are satisfied.

  1. We have around 100 clients with having more than 20-30 users in each client group, they require to have video meeting using out application

  2. All clients should be able to have 2-3 concurrent meetings in each Client group.

  3. We also want this Meeting functionality to be linked in all our iOS, Android and Web Applications.

Confusion: On One page the cost is $2500 per month and when we click on ISV Partner Application then cost is $5000 (Image Attached), can you explain this cost in details like what is included in the both amount?

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Hey @Anand_Vyass,

For additional questions about isv billing, please reach out to isv@zoom.us as they will be able to better assist.

As for your #mobile-sdk questions, please post there and @Carson_Chen will help. He is an expert with #mobile-sdk:ios and will help come up with solution.


Hi @Anand_Vyass,

Regarding the questions related to iOS SDK, I saw you have asked the question here: Latest iOS Sample for Latest SDK, please see my answer and I will provide further assistance in that post if you have follow up questions.


Hi Tommy, I have emailed isv@zoom.us but no reply for 2 days, can you please assist me with selecting the best plan for our requirements.

Suggest the best plan we should go within the following condition

  1. How many Apps can we create under 1 Business or Enteaccount?
  2. We have around 400 users and they may have 5-10 hosts and they require to have 5-10 concurrent meetings.

Hey @Anand_Vyass,

Sorry to hear you have not heard back.

As many as you want.

You would just need separate meeting hosts if the meetings are concurrent. You can create free users for this if you don’t intend to go over 40 minute meeting limit.


As many as you want.

Is it like, right now we are testing using a free account that’s why we can only add one SDK app in from Marketplace ->Build App option

Hey @Anand_Vyass,

Ah gotcha, you can only create one JWT, Webhook Only, and SDK app per Zoom account. You can create as many OAuth and Chatbot apps as you’d like though.