Benefits And Requirements For Zoom ISV

I would like to build a new startup on top of Zoom, and provide a seamless user experience to allow new users who do not know each other to meet on zoom.

I have a few questions:

  • With an ISV account, can i set up meetings and designate one of the user as a host?
  • Is the ISV account related to the marketplace?
  • What are the requirements for ISV? A friend applied and is still waiting, so wondering if there is a specific requirement.

I am very excited about building on Zoom (compared to Google Meet/Hangout), and hope to get started soon, but need some understanding! :slight_smile:

Hi @mingyeow! Thanks for posting and for using Zoom.

As an API Partner ( ISV account ), you have the ability to create and manage users as “API users” via the custCreate parameter. This allows you to manage and provide user identity within applications much like the one you are planning.

  • API Partners can create meetings by a host’s userID and then provide user identity through a unique token when starting the meeting.
  • ISV / API Partner plans are not tied in any way to the use of the Marketplace; however, you can always release your app onto the Zoom Marketplace for other users to use their Zoom accounts within your own.
  • The ISV team will review applications on an individual basis, that team ( will be the best source for information on those agreements.

Let us know if you need any more information!

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There are several users who are hosts. If so, can I have a meeting at the same time?

Hi @kinjo, you will need multiple host licenses to host multiple meetings at one time. One user can only host one meeting at one time.

Hi @michael.harrington, thanks reply:)

If I have an ISV / API Partner plan, one account can be used as a host for a recurring number of users at the same time. I’d like to use that plan, but I’d like to know more about it.

I want to make the same product as this one.

This can be hosted by STREAM, allowing multiple users to hold meetings for up to 1000 people for up to 3 hours.

Hi @michael.harrington,

We want to use Zoom SDKs to integrate Zoom video / voice meeting features into our existing iOS & Android mobile and web apps. We have many live lessons, which can happen at the same time. Each live lesson corresponds to a Zoom meeting.
For each live lesson,

  • Teachers will be Zoom hosts, who will schedule, manage and host Zoom meetings.
  • Students will be Zoom participants (non-hosts).

Teachers are Zoom licensed users. Students are not Zoom users.

  1. For this use case, must we need to apply as an API Partner (ISV account)?
  2. If we are not a Zoom API Partner (ISV account), can we use Marketplace Integration to integrate Zoom SDKs directly into our existing mobile / web apps (not redirecting to Zoom app)? (We are purchasing Zoom licenses for all hosts (teachers), who will be authenticated via Zoom OAuth2.0 in our apps)
  3. Can (non-hosts) students join meetings scheduled by (hosts) teachers using the SDK without an ISV account?
  4. Do we need to pay any fee for students (non-hosts) to join and attend Zoom meetings using SDK without an ISV account?

Many thanks!

Hey @Trieu,

Let me know if my description of this flow helps answer your questions:


Hey @kinjo,

You’d have to create multiple users to allow them to host concurrent meetings.

Similar to Stream, Session uses Zoom OAuth to have service / customers connect their accounts. They do not manage any accounts on their end since their user base connects their own Zoom accounts.


Thank you so much for your reply!

In the case of stream, the host user is the stream account when you start the meeting.

This allows the host to hold meetings on the same terms as a professional account. They’re basic accounts though.

Does stream use custCreate?

Can I use custCreate for free? They’re a startup, but I don’t think they’re paying $2500 a month for it.

Hey @kinjo,

They probably just have a user named “Stream Host”


Dear Michael,
I am building a platform on top of Zoom as well and have a few questions to continue my development:

  • Does holding an ISV account allow immediate/real time creation of any type of user accounts (Basic, Pro, Business)? If not real time, how long does it take?
  • Would you need any kind of response from the new account owner when creating the new account or it is all approved/managed/controlled by the ISV account holder?
  • Would the ISV account holder need to be logged-in in every teleconferencing for this to happen? If so, can be this activated via API
  • How long does recording stay in place?
    Many thanks!
    Jorge dc

Hey @jdel_carpio,

You can create users with a Pro or higher account. If you want to create custCreate users you will need the ISV plan.

Not sure what you mean by this, can you please clarify?

Not sure what you mean by this, can you please clarify?

Can you clarify on this question?


Thanks Tommy. For clarifying purposes, let’s say I currently have a ISV plan with Zoom. Questions:
Am I able to create (or custCreate) any type of users? (Basic, Pro, Business)?
How long does it take to have the new account ready to start videoconferencing? Or is it nearly real-time?
As an ISV plan holder, am I also able to organize the videoconferencing on behalf of the other users (Basic, Pro, Business) under my umbrella?
How does an ISV plan holder have access to the videoconferencing recording?
Many thanks!
Jorge dc


You will be able to create any type of users, including custCreate and assign them a license.

This account can use Zoom Meetings immediately.

Yes, ISV plans are intended for businesses which organize video conferences for their customers.

Recordings are available based on settings, and will be deleted if they are set to auto delete. ISV partners have the same usage of Cloud Recordings as any account.

Hope this helps!