Pricing of Zoom API integration?

Due to the current situation I have been tasked with integrating Zoom into our product. However, I couldn’t find pricing for the Zoom API (i.e., integrating the Zoom API into our app).

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Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Will probably be using OAuth or JWT.

Which Endpoint/s?

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Is the API pricing per user of my app or is it based on the number of participants in a meeting or something else altogether?


Hi @gtimarkv_zoom thanks for posting & using Zoom! There is no cost to use the Zoom API or to publish on the Marketplace. Any licensed user will be able to call the API to control their account, create meetings, etc. If you integrate Zoom into your product, Zoom users will be able to authorize their account (through OAuth) to make API calls.

We do have an API Partner plan, but this is typically for products which resell Zoom video services as part of their business, rather than allow users to connect their accounts.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

@michael.harrington Can I get more information regarding API partner plan?

Hi @swathysubhash, for more information on the API Partner plan, I’d suggest reaching out to

Dear Michael,

I have the same puzzle even after seeing your reply and after reading the provided documentations in zoom.

Now everyone is using zoom and some of them are not paid users.
Do you mean if we built something using the API & SDK, those we built were only be accessed by the paid Zoom users?

I submitted ticket and tried to get more feedback but so far didn’t get any feedback yet.

On the other hand, I emailed for few weeks but also got no feedback either.
I hope you could give us more info.

Thank you!


we also need to use this for providing classrooms multi user chat through our platform. do users creating rooms or users participating need to have zoom accounts? is there a bandwidth limit? what kind of zoom account do we need and how is it priced.

This is unclear to us, please let us know how to move forward with this

Hey @wwannous, @po.chu,

Typically the owner of the integration will have a Pro or higher plan because they are using API endpoints that require such like cloud recording or registration.

If your users are just joining the Zoom meetings, they will not need a Zoom account or to pay for Zoom. But if you are using OAuth, they will need a Zoom account, and depending on what your integration does, they will need a plan that aligns with the integration.


We have sent you guys email several weeks ago and it still did not get response now.

Hey @kleininmelbourne,

What is your question? Happy to help if you create a topic on the devforum if it is Zoom API Platform related.



I have sent an email to regarding the Zoom API Partner Plan. I am creating an app where I would like to integrate the Zoom API. I have went through many sources but unable to get any helpful feedback regarding the price or cost or any other details. Even I didn’t any reply from

So, if you could please help me with the details?

I will be using Zoom API integration on my product which is a commercial product for which users will be paying for my services offered using Zoom. Is there any restriction on that? I may be using the Zoom free one-on-one meetings as well as 40 minute limit meetings. Is that ok with Zoom?

Hey @softwaretech100, @kartha.vijaykumar,

With the Zoom Pro plan, you can use the Zoom APIs and build apps on our Marketplace.


I am looking to integrate Video chat capability into our application. Our users will host meetings through zoom platform.

I understand there is no cost to use the Zoom API or to publish on a Marketplace. But what is the cost of using zoom platform and hosting 10K concurrent group video chats/session?

Thank you for your reply. However, can there be multiple calls from different locations at the same time. I mean, the doctors and patients will be having a video call, so will they able to talk 1-1 and multiple calls will be going on at the same time.

Is this possible? Do I have to go with the API partner plan?

Hey @softwaretech100, @sgupta1276,

Our pricing is still the same in this case, per host per month.

To have concurrent meetings you have to have multiple hosts.


Hi, I have plan to integrate the zoom api in my website, i have zoom pro account. What i have to do for next ? What is the rate calculation for zoom api call if any user calls. Is there need any special package for api calls and what is the rate per minute calls in api.

Hey @it.rosk,

You can see our rate limits here based on plans:


Hi Tommy,
How can i get the rest api and how can i integrate it in my website. Kindly guide please.

Hey @it.rosk,

You can get started by building an app here:


Hi Tommy,

My team is building an online tutoring app and we plan to use Zoom’s API for the video conferencing. The app will be for commercial use. We’re building this app for our client.

My question is:

  1. Can we customize the UI + composition of the video call?
  2. If we’re using Zoom’s API on our app, can we whitelabel the solution? (put custom brand/logo)

Your help is greatly appreciated man.