API PUT /users/{userId}/status doesn't work in some cases

I found some bug on zoom API’s, I’m using API “PUT /users/{userId}/status” to deactivate and activate zoom accounts, the deactivate works, but to activate again is not working, this is happen only on two accounts so far, I did the same process more than 50 accounts, and worked, I don’t understand why on those two account is not working. Below you can check my token has the role user:write:admin:


This is my request with the JSON body “action: activate”:

This is the answer from my request:

As you can see the answer from zoom resource server is “204 No Content” indicates that a request has succeeded, but nothing happens, because on the zoom portal the user is still Deactivated, see below:

And also, I send a request to change the license to type ‘2’ for this user, the answer was 204 but nothing happens again.

This is an urgency issue for my company, please answer as soon as possible

Hi @leonaldo.bjunior,

Thank you for raising this with us. In order for us to take a closer look, can you please open a ticket with us here and include the following details:

  • Full request details
  • The user ID you’re testing with
  • The timestamp of the latest request that didn’t work as expected

Thank you,

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