I can deactivate User but cant reactivate him


how  is  it  possible, that in  Users Rest  Api i  can  deactivate  User,  but  cant Activate  him  again


What  should  i  do, if i  need to  activate  Users  again?  Should  i  create  another  Users?

 For  example  i’ll  deactivate  100 Users  and  then  i’ll  need  to  activate  them  again.

Hi Lilia,


We have a fix for this coming very soon, please stay tuned.

Thank you Joshua,

it  will  save us!  Do you  know  the  Exact  Date  please ?

we must  launch  our  integration solution 1 of September, is  there  any  option  that you  release it  August ?:slight_smile:


Or  could  we became  a  betta  testers tor only one  this  Api?

It should be released in early August.


Just out of curiosity, what is the use case where you are deactivating 100 users?

It’s simple, try to  imagine:

we  have a project management software, zoom meetings options  will  be  implmented to Our Calendar.

Every customer for us == one sotware  instance

Every instance (Customer)  can  have  from 10  up to 1000 User who use our  system  for  collaboration

If some  customer stop paying to us, his Instance  should be  Downgraded, and he  shouldnt  be able to Use Video Meetings, in this case we  want to deactivate  his  users,  and when he renew  payments, we  need to reactivate  them  again.

Since  we  have  about  1 500  Customers, and  all  of  them have  from  10 to 1000 Users, processing such  oprations,  if  we  can deactivate  users users via  rest api  automatically, but  cant  activate it again,  only manually from  Administration, looks  really sad  :slight_smile:


That’s  why we are waitng for this Api so much  :slight_smile:


Are you creating all these users under your main account, or are you creating a sub account per customer (with that customer’s users under that sub account)

If the later you could mange the sub accounts plan, affecting all users, without having to deactivate/reactive on a user basis.


Not sure 100% of your implementation, but feel free to shoot me an email joshua.woodward@zoom.us and maybe we could dive deeper.

This is now available https://zoom.github.io/api/#activate-a-user