API requests to export Zoom phone call log details

We have a requirement to automate the exporting of Zoom Phone Call Logs, as per the Export button in the UI under Phone Management System. We get log call details on inbound calls, which give us data detail about how a caller was re-routed through auto-receptionists through to a physical person. We are reporting on this data through Tableau and are currently exporting this data manually, then re-structuring the data to avoid any blanks etc, using Alteryx at the moment.
We need to find a way to automate this, as it’s not scalable for us to continue doing the exports manually.

Having looked through the Zoom API reference, we aren’t able to find a way to re-generate this Call Log CSV Export.

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Latest Zoom API version.

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Hey @maxim,

What specific Zoom Phone data are you looking to access through the Zoom API? We have a number of Zoom Phone APIs that provide a wide variety of data:


Hi Tommy,
Thanks for getting back to me. I would be specifically interested in the data, which can be exported as per the Export button in the Phone Systems Management > Logs. It contains additional details for some inbound calls, which I have not found a way to access through any of the Zoom Phone APIs.

Hi @maxim,

Thank you for confirming—I do believe that many of the details from the export in the UI are currently limited to the UI report. However, if there are specific metrics/data within that export you’d like confirmation on, I’m happy to help. Just let me know!


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