API Rest - Unidentify characters in topic when creating a meeting

In our case, we use the Zoom Rest API to create Zoom sessions and we cannot find the solution to a format problem in the name, when we pass the title to the conference creation function, the format must be some special way, because as zoom transforms it is that no tilde or quotation marks etc… accepts them and takes them as strange characters that look very bad in the titles.

Hi @ftunon ,

I am having some trouble understanding. Can you please share screenshot examples and tell us how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?

Hello Gianni,

Thank you! Here is an example. Since the title has Spanish letters as the Ñ, when we take the name of the session in appears like this:

Ahh I see @ftunon , please share how you are passing the title in the API call. Please obscure sensitive info from your example.