API to add registrant facing Issue

When I am adding registrants for a meeting, API giving me following response. I am using free trial license for development purpose. Is there any way to add external registrants. We want to Integrate zoom with our application, after the API testing we will buy the license as per necessity.

Response : “code”:200,“message”:“Only available for Paid user: oKldXm_PS4mWOLD-j3NyEA”

Thanks in advance

Get @irfan.shaikh, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

It appears you have a “free” account, and not a “free trial” account which gives you access to the APIs.

You can request a free trail account here: isv@zoom.us to be able to call the Add Registrant API.


Thanks for reply tommy!

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Happy to help @irfan.shaikh! :slight_smile: