Unable to Add a Registrant to the Webinar

We are creating the webinars in Zoom via Zoom API. We are adding registrants to the webinar using this API. It working fine. But then one day, the same API started throwing an error response with status code 400. The response had the following message

(The webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinars for this user to perform this action: uI_m-WPGRe-ydolAQPutZA.)

But we do have the webinar plan. We can create webinars but are not able to add registrants to the webinar. Because of this, the attendees and panelists are not able to join the webinars.
Is there any that is changed in the Zoom API policy recently as this was working earlier?

Hi @akshayr
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Can you please confirm if you have made any changes to the account?
I quickly looked into the user id that you shared who is seeing the error and it looks like there is no webinar license enabled for that account.

Thank you @elisa.zoom for your response. We rechecked the logic of adding a registrant to the webinar and found an issue in our workflow for allocating the license to the host. We have fixed that issue and now the API is working as expected. We can consider this issue as resolved.

Hi @akshayr
Thanks for the update and happy to hear you were able to identify the issue on your end.