API to get Join Live as Assistant URL

I created an admin dashboard. Admin dashboard is only available to Zoom Admins. It pulls all meetings and webinars for every zoom user. From dashboard admins can search by our in house session id/department name/title, zoom id, topic, name, or email. I created an button, “Make me a co-host”, that uses the update meeting/webinar api to add current user as alternative host. I also have another button,“Join Meeting”, pulled from the get meeting/webinar info join_url, so admins can join the meeting. The current process for an admin to help someone in a meeting\webinar is to click the make me a co-host button (admin receives an email of enrollment) and then join meeting button. This leaves a trail and when the admin leaves they are still listed as alternative host.

Do you have an api call to pull the “Join Live as Assistant” URL for a meeting or webinar?

Hey @jfarias,

I am not sure what feature you are referring to for the “Join Live as Assistant” URL. Can you please clarify?