As a logged-in user, webhooks are receiving email but not id or participant_user_id

I’m tracking the meeting.participant_joined and meeting.participant_left webhooks. When a user is logged in, we’re supposed to receive and participant.participant_user_id, but I’m only receiving This is something that has recently started happening across all of our environments without code changes on our part.

I noticed that it’s something others have experienced before: Participants with an id, but no email, or an email, but no id

Hi @danny.beyrer1 ,

Are the users internal or external to your account?

Did they have to register for the meeting and supply their email?

Zoom made updates to email and participant identification data across Meeting API and webhooks so this could be the reason:

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@gianni.zoom , the users are external to our Zoom account and they did not register for the meeting & supply their email.

@gianni.zoom @michael.zoom - we’re still having this issue. We have an OAuth app which users authorize. When users are inside our account, we’ve been receiving ‘email’ which we can key off of, but when users are outside our account we don’t receive any participant data (id, participant_user_id, or email) to key off of.

The behavior is similar to this ticket, only it isn’t resolved when the OAuth app is installed/authorized. Not receiving webhooks for customer but receiving webhooks for our own account

Hi @danny.beyrer1 , not sure if you saw the contents of my earlier response, but given the users are external to your account, they did not register and volunteer their emails, this behavior is expected.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood something and if additional clarification is needed.

@gianni.zoom , isn’t this the purpose of the OAuth app? This has been working for us for over two years and just broke recently.

Hi @danny.beyrer1 , I misread part of your earlier statement that they are not registered, and did not realize the email display rules link was broken in the previous quoted response. Please excuse me.

Here it is

Could any of the following be true for your participants?

As for the participant ids, I believe they were also impacted by the changes outlined here since the meeting participant events are coinciding with the Meeting API, but I am double checking this.