API to pull the admin activity data

I would like to know, how do I pull the logs from this API, can below API be accessed using a system account

@ankur.dixit ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer - I’m happy to help here. To get started with Zoom API, you first need to create either Server-to-server or OAuth Zoom Marketplace App. Once you create your App, you can use the App credentials to hit that endpoint. Here is our support documentation on getting started with Zoom Marketplace OAuth App;

Step 1: Create a Zoom Marketplace App and choose an Authentication Method

Create An OAuth or Server to -Server Marketplace app. These apps allow you to securely integrate with Zoom APIs and access users’ authorized data using a user-based authentication approach.

Create an OAuth app (Recommended for external use cases)

Internal apps (Server-to-server) (Recommended for internal use cases)

Step 2 : Make API Requests:

Once your credentials and authentication method are set up, you can start making API requests to Zoom endpoints. You can use various HTTP libraries, such as Axios or Fetch, in your preferred programming language to send HTTP requests to the Zoom API.

Alternatively, you can use tools like Postman.

Intro to Postman with Zoom APIs

Let me know if this helps.