Operation Logs REST API



My company is currently in need to record all of the operation logs. But, I can not find an API for getting the logs by using REST API. I will need a new release of REST API that support these operation logs.

Thank you very much.




Hi Jemmy,

what exactly do you mean by “operation logs”? If you mean all of your API call history, Zoom provide “call logs” under https://zoom.us/developer/monitor/rest-api.



Hi Wei Guo, refer to screenshot below. Our Company would like to retrieve the Operation Logs and Sign In/Out Logs for audit purpose. However there is no REST API available that we know off. Would anyone able to assist?

We have submitted a request #273300 REQUEST REST API FOR USER ACTIVITY REPORTS.




Additionally, I notice that in the recording list, we could get the download_url info for meeting’s videos. However, there is no rest API to download said videos. Is tehre any solution for this?



Hi Jemmy/Nicky,

Thanks for submitting the request. Currently our REST API does not include these logs or video downloads.
However, we’ll add them to our engineering pipeline and work on it for a future version release.



Thanks very much Ammar.
We look forward to the future release of the REST API to include the Operation Logs, Sign In/Out Logs and video downloads.
Thanks and regards,