Feature Request : Accessing LTI data using the REST API

Our organization uses the LTI (D2L) integration which organizes and only displays meetings and recordings for a specific course. However, when the organizer of those meetings uses the zoom portal (and not the LMS), that organization is lost, displaying a full (uncategorized) listing of meetings / recordings.

We would like to use the GET /users/{userId}/recordings API to pull and list all the recordings for a specific user, but display the results FILTERED or GROUPED by the course they are associated with through the LTI integration. The display and Filter/grouping could be managed on our end if we could get the associated course data.

Reviewing the API documentation, and asking in the API and Webhooks forum, it doesn’t seem this is currently possible as the the LTI integration details are not passed.

I would like to request that pulling Meeting and Recording information for a an item used with the LTI integration, that the Course ID / details also be be included when as appropriate. Ideally a course title would be included, but if just a course identifier was presented, at the very least additional LMS specific APIs could be made to discover that information. The ability to limit requests by the LTI course ID would also be ideal.