API to use powershell to assign user scheduling privilege

Has anyone had any luck using the zoom api to assign a user scheduling privilege for another. Situation is we have a number of temp EAs that frequently change who support employees and we run a powershell script to assign O365 calendar permissions and would like to be able to do the same with zoom scheduling privileges.

Hi @kforcier , there’s no programmatic ability to give a user scheduling privilege at this time. You can only see who is a scheduler for someone via this endpoint:

We’re trying to do the same thing. We want to create an automated SNOW form so the EAs can request access, have it go through an approval process and then automate the permissions.

This looks like it might be possible to do now, via API…

Reading the description:

Assistants are the users to whom the current user has assigned scheduling privilege.

Disclaimer: I’ve not tested it myself!

Yes this is true @philip.ross !

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