API User Start Meeting

I cloned the git repo for the Windows SDK.

I followed the setup instructions for getting the sdk_demo project to build.

I dealt with all of the #error sections adding all relevant information including api key and secret.

I have an API account and an API user. I scheduled a meeting for that user in my web app and have the meeting id.

I used the GetUserByEmail to get the userid and token. I put those into the Start Meeting area of the sdk_demo and uncommented the start api meeting section.

I run the program and hit the SDK/START… menu item.

Nothing happens. None of the menu items seem to do anything.

I click on things like the UI items in the menu and nothing happens.

I am sure I am missing something simple.


Hi Andrew,

i think you need to wait the sdk authentication result before you click the “start” menu.

and you can check each API call result “SDKError” to know more about this.

also you can find the work flow about API user to start meeting here.Windows-RTC-Stack/doc/zoom windows sdk.doc





Thanks for the response. I will see about waiting for the auth. One question on that. The user is an api user. I create them via the api and don’t give them a password because you can access them or log them in from the normal site anyway.

What do I use for the password if waiting for the auth to sign in? From what I see in the source code using the API start meeting is different than using the normal start meeting.

The api start meeting code was commented out and there was normal start meeting code. I commented out the normal start meeting code and uncommented the api start meeting code.

I am specifically dealing with API users and not normal user. I think this makes it different.


api user start meeting:

auth sdk->waiting auth result->if success, start meeting via user id,user token and meeting number(you can get this by REST API)

normal user start meeting:

auth sdk->waiting auth result->if success, login via work email and psw->wait login result->if success,start meeting via meeting number.

if you use API user to start meeting, you need to comment out the “login” logic from our demo code.

now our demo is too simple, just tell you how to use our SDK API, work flow is not clearly. sorry for that. 

we will refine the demo project to make work flow clearly. thanks.




I am new to SDK can anyone tell me where i have insert key/sec in SDK file to test SDK_DEMO

hi Nadeem,

in the sample, 

please try to find inside sdk_demo.cpp about the following segment: 

#error TODO:input your app Key and Secret

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::AuthParam authParam;

authParam.appKey = L"";

authParam.appSecret = L"";


you can find your key and secret by using our REST API @ https://zoom.us/developer/api/playground. you can use user/getbyemail to get credentials.


i am very new to work with SDK, but learning, I use for authenticating users. i did  passing the account app key and secret or by passing the user name and password, i tried both, in both the case i got the following error. .

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error (active) #error directive: TODO:input your user name and psw sdk_demo 

what should  i do now ! comment one or should i leave one blank i am confused. 



Hi Nadeem, 

you can only select either using email&password or user ID&Token. If you choose to use user ID&Token, you can comment out the line “#!error” and you don’t need to change anything for rest of the code: 

for example:

//#error TODO:input your user name and psw ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::LoginParam param;

param.userName = L"your user name";

param.password = L"psw";

param.bRememberMe = true;




Thanks i have overcome with the error for credential, Now ! i am stack with the following error

#error    TODO:input your web domain (it already given https://zoom.us)

or i have to put my own url



Hi Nadeem,
You can comment out the error line. Keep the domain as “zoom.us