C++ Demo, Meeting not starting, how to start it?

I’m Integrating Windows Zoom SDK with my Java application, I created the meeting using Create Meeting API, when I click on the button(Inside my application) to start the meeting It open the zoom client (Windows SDK), asked me to authenticate the user, then It didn’t the start meeting, It’s only open the zoom screen.
Below is my screens in sequence

Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create Meeting using the create meeting API
  2. Click on the button, inside my application, the button will call this link(zoommtg://zoom.us/start? action=start&confno=xxx&uid=xxx&stype=100&token=E&confid=xxx&browser=chrome)
  3. zoom SDKclient opened, asked for authentication
  4. Zoom Screen appeared without starting the meeting as the host

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Hey @isoft_mohammad.abula,

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How are you authenticating the user?


Thank you for your reply

JWT, using jwt.io

Hey @isoft_mohammad.abula,

Is the user signing in through email and password?


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