API user starts meeting returns SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE


For clarification, I did follow the steps for an api to start a meeting. 

SDKAuth(appkey, appsecret)=>wait for the success callback message=>Start(api_start_param: userid, usertoken, meetingid…)

What really confused me is sometimes it worked but sometimes it didn’t. And I seemed to find the rule: as long as it doesn’t work, just run the github cpp demo and then run my own application, it’ll work! I compared the two processes carefully. They didn’t make any difference! And I’m a little bit insane now… Please help me with this. I’ll appreciate it a lot.


To add up my another observation. When I call the SDKAuth, the returned login result is IDLE->PROGRESSING->SUCCESS at some time, but just only IDLE at another time.



did you do login operation before? if you login zoom with remember me flag, we will auto login when app start. so if you want to use API user, please don’t do login, or you can call logout api when exit app. 



ok, I’ll remember what you said. Thanks dats