API v1 vs v2 List Users

With v1 of the API, I’m use /user/list to get all of my users and their licenses/features.

This takes about 200 API calls with a page size of 300, my current job takes 2-4 minutes, and syncs the data local (SQL) and to our Service Now instance.

With v2 of the API, it seems I have to uses /users to retrieve their IDs and then /settings for each id. For me, this adds over 60,000 additional API calls and is taking hours to complete.

Am I missing an endpoint that would better fit my needs?


I would be helpful to have a query syntax so I could retrieve only/all the data I need in a single call.


Hi David, we will add this in the next release in April. should be useful for everyone. 



You believe this will cover my use case? Will it offer a new query based endpoint or allow joining of multiple existing ones?

Unrelated to your question, but how are you dealing with pagination on the /users endpoint?  I am not getting a next_page_token back, and post/get with a new page number returns the same results every time.  

On the /metrics endpoint, a next_page_token is returned.

Am I missing something obvious here?

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Hi Matt, 

For the users endpoint, you can use the page_number parameter. The number of pages is determined based on the numbers you have on your account.