API vs white label

hi, i’m new and wasn’t sure what category to post this question in. i’m a business guy, not a tech guy, and am trying to understand the difference between API and white labeling to use zoom for our firm. could someone point me to examples of each? thanks.

Hey Bert,

The short answer first:

If you use our API or SDK to build an application for your firm, your meetings will have a Zoom logo/watermark(saying “powered by Zoom”). If you want to remove the Zoom logo/watermark and/or add your own logo, you can discuss business and licensing with the Zoom team AKA white-labeling.


Detailed answer:

You can use the APIs to build your own web application (or web portal) for the following: user provisioning, manage meetings/webinars/groups/recordings, build dashboards etc. 


With our SDKs, you can embed zoom core in your own app - since Zoom runs within the context of your app, our logs will not be visible except for a watermark we show inside the meeting window.


Feel free to let us know if you have a specific business case. If you are looking for creating your own domain (such as your-business-name.com) for meetings, then we have an option to build out a complete private cloud infrastructure which is an expensive option.


I am interested in custom solution and looking for ways to do so through Zoom. I would like to build out a platform that is customized to my industry with a storage bin for documents like PDF or PowerPoint slides, Links to Social Media like Linkedin, give users the ability to toggle between screens, Q&A, Polling, Content Downloads, Survey, Chat, Links, CTAs, & Appointments.

Hi @mcorcelli all of our developer documentation can be found here:

For your use case, you’ll likely want to Publish an App on our Marketplace: