APIs for create session and kick user out of the call


  • I need an API for creating a call session from the backend side, instead of the client side.
  • I need an API to kick a user out of the session are in-call



I checked the Video SDK API document but didn’t find APIs comparable with Twilio Programmable Video for that flow.
It would be great if you can support me on those things.

Hi @tuan.nguyen,

  • Zoom creates sessions on demand; they don’t need to be scheduled using an API. You can learn more about sessions here.
    Session are secure, each user needs a Video SDK JWT (created server side) to access a session.
    The session begins when the first user joins.

  • You can kick a user with the Zoom Video SDK. You can pass the userId of the user to the removeUser method on the VideoClient. Only the host or manager can remove others.

I hope this helps,

HI @ekaansh.zoom ,

Thanks for your information, I understand that we can kick a user with Zoom Video SDK.
But I want to kick a user via the backend, so is there any Video SDK API that can do it?


Hi @tuan.nguyen,

We do not have an API for kicking a user out of a meeting.

You can use the SDK method I mentioned previously, if you would like to have control over the meeting experience and kick users out programmatically.

Feel free to submit a feature request for a kick user from meeting API: Feature Requests