App Credential Migration

Hello, I have a question regarding the development and production credentials of our Zoom app.

Our user-level OAuth app is not on the marketplace yet, but we plan on submitting next week. We are currently using the development credentials in our production environment so we can test with our hundreds of internal users. We are about to update the credentials to the production credentials so we are ready for app submission. Our concern is that once we do that, we will lose all our internal users because they installed our app with the development credentials, and we’d need to ask them all to re-install using the production credentials.

Will these internal users need to go through the OAuth flow again with the production credentials after approval, or is it possible for us to migrate them over to the production credentials since both credentials are part of the same zoom app?


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Hi @ryan.buchmayer ,

They will need to do the install again because the public version of the app will be based off the production credentials. They cannot be migrated to the production side without a new auth flow.

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