App for Workday integration with Zoom - error is 4,700 - Invalid Redirect

User Managed App > OAuth App

The consultant has requested that we create an “App” for the integration and then provide the below information:

• App Name
• Client ID
• Client Secret
• URL: Error - Zoom (standard for Zoom)
• Secret Token
• Verification Token

They’re also looking for an account setup in the Zoom environment to help with testing. I am not aware of any Zoom test environment.

Links Provided:

The error message we are getting is below. It doesn’t matter if we put Google, Yahoo, or the URL’s the person from Workday provided us, they all give the 4,700 error.

“Invalid redirect: (website link) (4,700)”

Has anyone else worked with Workday and Zoom on a custom app?

Hi @david.harwood
Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our community!
Please make sure to add the Redirect URL to your allow list