App Rejected - Unclear Action Items

Our most recent app submission was rejected for the following reason (comment by our submission reviewer):

Even after I disconnect Zoom from {app name}, I can still see it listed in my installed apps list. When I connect to Zoom again, I am no longer asked to authorize. When a user uninstalls your app and reinstalls it, they must be asked to reauthorize. Please ensure that you are handling the uninstallation process and honoring deauthorization.

We submitted with a “configure URL” which I believe is required for apps submitted with a landing page, is that correct? I also thought it was required to add “disconnect Zoom” functionality on that page if you have it, is that correct as well?

When a user goes to that page, there is a Disconnect Zoom button and instructions on how to disconnect from within Zoom ( If the user clicks the Disconnect Zoom button on our website we delete their access/refresh token and remove their data - this of course does not have the side effect of uninstalling the same way that happens when a user uninstalls our app directly on, and I don’t see any way of getting around that.

What is the action item we can take here to get our app submitted? Should we remove the “Disconnect Zoom” button on our end and just have a link and instructions to ?

Hi @okzoomer, can you DM me with your app name? Alternatively, the app reviewer has probably given you the ability to comment on that document if you would like to communicate directly.