Why is my Application getting rejected by the Marketplace Team?

Why is my Application getting rejected?

Here are some of the most common reasons why apps get rejected when submitted for review to the Marketplace team:

1. Test Plan and Test Account not provided

Provide Test credentials so our Marketplace team can test the full scope of this integration; this because we will need to install the production version of your app into our own Zoom account, the same way an end user would.

Provide a test plan with a guide on how to configure and each use scope requested in your app.

This is a Zoom-specific document that the Marketplace team will be using to quickly test the use cases of the scopes requested. (All this information can be provided in the Release Notes of your application).

2. Missing or Non-Actionable Documentation URL Content

Make sure to provide a documentation URL. Here is a helpful guide.

3. Missing or Inoperative Deauthorization URL

Your application must include a deauthorization_url and it is expected to adhere to the Marketplace Developer Agreement.

4. Using Long-Polling Instead of Subscribing to Webhook Events

Evaluate the endpoints you are calling and make sure you are not long-polling our API. You can enable Webhook Subscriptions for your app that will help you with its performance.

5. Remove unused scopes from Development

Make sure you are only including scopes that are actively being used. The best advice is to only enable the minimum number of scopes in order for your app to fully operate.

6. Not Caching access_token or not using Refresh Token Flow

If your app is making a request to /oauth/token before every other API request, we are going to reject it. Zoom’s access_token is valid for 1 Hour, and every 200-level response you receive from /oauth/token will include a refresh_token. Cache the data returned on responses from Zoom’s Auth endpoints, and re-use the access_token until it expires, then make a refresh token request to get a new token. If you are confused, read the docs on OAuth with Zoom.

7. Incomplete App Descriptions

Make sure to add an App name and adhere to our branding requirements, as well as complete App descriptions, images and videos.

  1. Inoperative Installation Experience

Zoom expects you to allow customers who want to install your app to be able to do this quickly, easily, and in a self-serve manner. There are two methods for installation, From Marketplace and From Landing Page URL.

9. App does not function as described, or lacks customer value.

Before you begin developing an app for the Zoom App Marketplace, think about why. Here are some good indicator questions…

  • Do you have customers who also use Zoom?

  • Have you engaged these customers and asked what type of features on an app would really add value for them and make their lives better?

  • Are you receiving several customer requests for an integration with Zoom regularly?

10. Technical Design Document not submitted

After the functional test of your app, it will move to the Security Review. The Technical Design Document (or TDD) is the first step in completing the Security Review. Ensuring you email a detailed and thorough Technical Design Document to marketplace.security@zoom.us helps the Marketplace team to move your app to the next stage with ease.

What to do before submitting your app for review???

Once you are done building your app and you are happy with the state of the same, ask yourself:

  • Is my app easy to install, and uninstall?
  • Do I need to create new user accounts or allow new customers to your service to sign up for free accounts when installing your app from the Zoom App Marketplace?
  • Is my app easy to configure?
  • Do all the features of my app operate flawlessly?
  • Is my app easy to use?
  • Does my app make it easy for customers to quickly find and receive support, help, or answers to their questions? (Use this document to help organize your app’s Support URL for optimal customer support)
  • Have I tested my app from installation-to-deauthorization, and properly covered every test case? Is the experience always 100% pleasant and satisfying for everyone who uses the app?

If your answers were YES, then you should be in a good stage to submit your app for Review with the Marketplace team.

If you want more detailed information about the app review process, please refer to the original post here: How to Get Your App Published to the Zoom App Marketplace on Your First Review! | by Benjamin Dean | Zoom Developer Blog | Medium

Also, make sure to check out this Submission Checklist

Happy coding!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @elisa.zoom,

We just got rejected due to “Incomplete Technical Design Document” even though we uploaded our completed TDD with our submission. Looks like the format of the document has changed from when we submitted over 5 weeks ago and now. If we fill out the new document, do we really have to start the process over again? Obviously, not looking forward to having another 5 week wait because Zoom’s process changed in the interim.

Also, it is not obvious if we should upload the document in notes, email the document, or withdraw the submission and re-upload on the Technical Design page.


Hi @jeremy.provost , I shared this with our marketplace app submission team to help with this. I’m going to private message you. Please send me your application name and production id in the private message.