App submit form limitation

I need to submit an app for review but the form isn’t capable of capturing all the necessary information for testing to be performed. There are 2 problems:

  1. Provide release notes for the app reviewer
    The app is relatively complex and the testing instructions far exceed the maximum character limit of the textarea.

  2. Test account and credentials
    The form allows entry of a single login page URL, username and password, however, our app encompasses several usertypes so in order to test all functionlity 2 distinct login URL’s and 3 pairs of username/password combinations are needed.

I’m not sure what do here, I can’t see any other form options or information on what to do in this instance, nor have I found any existing forum topic that answers my query.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @taikonautzero ,

Happy to help! Are you able to put in a link to a google doc or similar of the full instructions and testing credentials?


I am facing similar issue. I have few questions.

Will adding google doc link with creds and other info in release note with “No account required” on Test account and credentials work?

Can we provide creds for dev environment?
We have different zoom oauth app for dev environment. We will not publish this app and only integrate internal accounts and test. Dev environment has all required UI features for integration.

Zoom OAuth App that we are trying to publish is used only in prod environment. We can only provide prod cred after integration UI features are released.

What are core things that are tested/verified by Zoom?
We can only authorize internal accounts unless Zoom OAuth App is published. How is it tested?
What do you suggest we do here?

Hey @umesh ,

I would run this by with the App Review team when you are in contact with them during the submission process. :slight_smile:


hi @tommy ,

As mentioned in app submission doc,

  • Landing Page URLs must route logged in users to a page where they can authorize the integration, and it must redirect unauthenticated users to a sign in page

In this case, we have different sign in page; unique or organization-specific subdomains.

How can we redirect unauthenticated users to their sign in page?

Is there a way to add instruction for users that they must contact us to first create platform accounts?

Hey @umesh ,

You can handle this as you see fit. Take these apps for example:


These app examples are of “Install from marketplace”.
My questions are more related with “Visit Site to Install”.
I have looked at most of apps in Zoom Marketplace. They do not have unique sign-in pages.

We have subdomain for each users to sign-in to and use our platform.

Problem is if we are using “Visit site to Install”, how to redirect user to their (sub domain) sign in page?

Our team is working to figure out solution for this problem. But for now, we are stuck here.

Hey @umesh ,


I suggest when the user clicks on the “Visit Site to Install” button, you route them to your base domain.

Once they sign in, route them to the proper sub domain based on your logic / who the user is. Then use your respective Zoom OAuth link with the respective redirect url / state param of the sub domain, so they can install your app / link their Zoom account.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


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