[Question] Test Account & Credentials for Marketplace Review Team

I am developing a marketplace app. The App Submissions Documentation say that:

Your submission must include a designated test account and credentials to support the Marketplace review team in functional and usability testing.

My app uses Zoom’s Oauth2 flow to also serve a login for my users. I have a ‘Login with Zoom’ button which takes the users through the Zoom OAuth2 flow. There is no other way to login into my app.

So during submission I selected ’ No account required’ under ‘Test Account and Credentials’. Is that the right way to do it?


I am asking this question because my review was rejected and I was asked to make changes. The review email mentioned ‘Please check out this App Submission Checklist prior to next submission for review’. However it did not mention which point from the checklist was not fulfilled. So now I am going through the checklist one by one and posting questions on the forum.

@ Zoom Team: Is it possible for me to know the exact point(s) from the checklist that I have missed out on?

@tommy Would be great if you could help me with this one.

Hey @subodh.malgonde,

What is your app name?

You can resubmit your app and we will provide specific responses to each issue, or prompt you to take the self-assessment as it will tell you what your app is missing.


Thanks @tommy. My app’s name is Zecord. I have taken the self-assessment, fixed issues and re-submitted.

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Thanks @subodh.malgonde!

The app review team will work with you on your submission! :slight_smile: