Zoom Oauth App Approval

I have integrated zoom oauth app OBODO on a server side using nodejs which is requested by our mobile app. I am able to test the zoom within my my mobile app but only with my developer account. Other zoom users are not allowed to login. Now i submitted the app for review in order to publish it and used by multiple users. But they are asking for test account credentials and test plan. I want to know how i will provide them my mobile app and test account credentials in order to let them test my integration. As i dont have any web portal for my project only it has app so i can’t provide login url.
Also i am passing state key as query params to authorization method along with code.

Please assist

Hi @ZubairN,

If it’s not possible to provide your reviewer with test credentials, they will likely need to schedule a call with you so that you can demonstrate the app to them over Zoom. In order to arrange this, you can do the following:

  • Comment in your review doc and tag your reviewer — let them know that you will need to demo this to them since you can’t provide test credentials
  • Resubmit your app so that it goes back into your reviewer’s queue — add a note about this in your app’s Release Notes upon resubmitting

They will then coordinate with you directly.


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