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I’m currently in the process of implementing a meetings app using zoom API. The app has some requirements, including:

  1. End users should not need to register in Zoom in order for them creating and joining meetings
  2. We may create both a web app and a native(ionic) app and the two of them should work together
  3. A backend server may be coded, if necessary.

I’ve been reading the docs and I have extracted the following conclusions. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Web SDK needs an JWT app in order to work
  2. JWT apps do not require end users to be registered on zoom
  3. Ionic Apps need SDK access
  4. Ionic apps do need the users to create and join meetings except if using ZAK, with ZAK no registration is needed.

Assuming everything I’ve stated so far is true. I now have the following questions.

  1. Are JWT and SDK apps interoperable?. That is, can I create a meeting in my web-app and join it using a native SDK?
    1.1. If they aren’t could I actually use web SDK on an ionic (mobile) application given it’s a web browser at the end of the day?

  2. Does any end-user need to have a Zoom account in any point of the described process?

Regards and thanks for your time

Hey @lmayo,

Yes, however, to create a meeting you need to use the Create Meeting API.

The participants will not need a Zoom account. Only the user / host of the meeting needs a Zoom account, so the meeting can be created.

Let me know if that answers your questions! :slight_smile:


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