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Hi Elisa,

Q: How can we quickly get a working OAuth application with working credentials?

We need configure connector to Zoom in SAM solution and specify Client ID and Client Secret for Zoom account. To locate the credentials, we need to create an OAuth application or use an existing OAuth application that has been migrated from a deprecated JWT application.
When creating a new OAuth application according to the instructions below, we are faced with the problem of long data validation on the part of Zoom:

  1. Log in to Zoom Marketplace:
  2. For the OAuth app type, select Create.
  3. On the Create an OAuth app, do the following:
  4. Enter an App Name.
  5. Select the Account-level app.
  6. Select Create.

Hello @rakyk unfortunately, you have to fill out information to at least get to the page to generate your Client ID and secret. You don’t need to create a while App but once you add app name the app is created

Regards, Kwaku

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