Approve App for developers, not End-users

Transloadit is a file upload and transcoding service. It uses Uppy (A JavaScript Library) to help users (typically Software developers) access their files from 3rd-Party providers (e.g Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, OneDrive). The same way we have integrations with OneDrive, Instagram, etc., we are developing an Integration for Zoom to help users access their meetings’ recording files.

Because our integration is mostly for developers (not end-users), we think there may be need for our app to be published in the marketplace. However we still need users of other Zoom accounts to be able to access our app because the developers are only Transloadit users, they are not employees of our company so they won’t be using the same Zoom Account as us. Is this possible?

I have tried to skip the “submit to marketplace” stage by using the Request to share this app outside this account option, but it has been rejected twice because the reviewer misunderstands the situation, and the description input limits how much can be said.

Is this something we can get some help with somehow? Or would it be mandatory to publish on marketplace even though it is not meant for end-users?

Which App?
The name of our app is Transloadit

To see how the App works

  1. Navigate to

  2. Tick the “Zoom” checkbox

  3. In the Uploader area, click the Zoom icon

  4. Then Click the “Connect to Zoom” button

  5. After the Oauth process is done, navigate through your Zoom meeting recording files and select a file to upload

This is only a demo to show how it works. In actual usage, developers are allowed to add transcoding options (e.g add watermarks, subtitles) before uploading their files to their desired destination.

Hey @kvz,

Checkout the docs here around “Visit Site to Install” that describe how to publish your app to the marketplace, but limit who can install it:


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