Approve paid webinar on-demand recording registrants by csv or automatically

This is pertaining to Zoom’s webinar add on, particularly webinars which charge a registration fee.

Can we please have a way to automatically approve on-demand registrants via csv or email list? Or even better, have Zoom understand automatically to link the webinar registration information with the on-demand recording of the same webinar and automatically only approve the emails from the initial webinar registration list, that would be ideal and is a major feature missing in paid zoom webinars.

Here is the current situation. We do paid webinars (via paypal with zoom webinars) with attendances in the 100 - 200’s. We want to give access to the the paid registrants to the on-demand recording afterwards for review. The current options are manual or automatic approval. There are problems with both those current options as they are.

Manual Approval: it takes a lot of time to manually approve each registrant as they trickle in and we have to cross reference their email address with the paid webinar registration list to approve and deny.

Automatic Approval: Anyone can register as long as they have the registration link and on-demand password. Unfortunately, some registrants share the link and password with friends or others who did not pay to attend the initial webinar, because of this they can view the on-demand webinar recording for free. Another problem here is that the deny button is false and doesn’t actually do anything once someone is already approved as we tested. Meaning, if someone gets automatically approved and we see they do not belong, we have the option to move them to the denied list via the deny button. But through testing that is all it does, just move them to the denied list in our zoom backend, it doesn’t stop them from viewing because they were initially approved, so what is the actual point of that deny button? Deny only really works if the registrant was never approved before. Seems like an oversight in the system. You can see this by approving someone to an on-demand recording, let them use the password and start watching, then go to your approved list, select this person, send them to the denied list, their name goes to the denied list, yet they can still watch the recording because of the initial approval, it doesn’t kick them out or block them in anyway.

I think there really needs to be a better situation between paid webinars and their recording access. It shouldn’t be treated as any other on-demand recording situation because people have paid for it. We really need a way to securely and easily get only the paying registrants from the live webinar to the webinar recording. (from personally using click meeting previously they resolve it by having the recording of paid events accessible only by the unique token the registrant used to also join the live paid webinar automatically - but we left click due to its far inferior streaming quality and reliability).