Action Required - Update TDD for published apps


I want to inquire about the notice we received regarding updating the TDD for published apps. From other posts on the forum I am seeing that this is only a requirement for published apps where Type = Zoom App but I wanted to make sure.

My business currently has a published OAuth app called ‘WellnessLiving’. Our app is currently published with the privacy attestations section filled out and last updated on Feb 24th, could you please confirm if this requirement applies to us?


HI @justin.a
This issue about updating TDD is also for OAuth apps that are published in the MArketplace

Take a look at this post to see if this applies to you:

If you have already done that, your app should be good.

@elisa.zoom I checked our OAuth app and the privacy attestations section is already answered. Do I need to resubmit our app or is no further action required?

Could you please confirm with your team? our app name is ‘WellnessLiving’

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I will reach out to the Marketplace team and will get back to you when I have an update @justin.a

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Hi @justin.a
I just heard back from the Marketplace team and your app has an updated TDD, no further action needed.